Childrens Centre – Who we are and what we offer

The Integrated Early Years’ Service works with children and families from pre birth to age eleven, until they leave Primary School.   Our services are run mainly from our twelve children’s centres across the Local Authority. All children and young people will receive universal services from children’s centres, however, some children, either because of their needs or circumstances will require extra support to be healthy and safe and to achieve their potential.

As an Early Intervention Service our family support team within children’s centres provide short to medium term intervention. We provide support for children, young people or their family early in their life or as soon as a challenge they may be facing emerges.   Support and intervention can be required at any stage in a child’s life, and applies to any problem or need that a family cannot deal with or meet on their own.

Our services for children under five include play sessions, introduction to solids, oral health and healthy weight advice, ‘Little Talkers’ and ‘Play in the Home’. Many of our services are run with the Health Visiting Service and we host a number of sessions with them such as child health clinics. We work with a range of partners to deliver parenting courses, employment advice and guidance as well as with Educational Psychologists who run specific behavioural workshops.  We also work with external agencies such as First Steps to Recovery, who supports families with drug and alcohol misuse.

If you are new to the community, expecting a baby or have a child under five, Wapping and Bigland Children’s Centre is a great way to meet other local parents and find out more about the community.

Please drop in or contact us for more information on our services.

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